Making valuable connections.

We believe that thoughtful, smart introductions can change the world. We want to understand who you need to meet, and help you to make those connections. 

The Connector Unit was founded by Oli Barrett MBE and designed to reflect our team's passion for making valuable connections. We help people, companies and causes to create and grow ventures which make money and make a difference. Described by WIRED magazine as "the most connected man in Britain" Oli and his associates love using our network for good; connecting great people and companies, allowing relationships and initiatives to reach their potential, as well as helping people achieve their own goals.

Whether you are seeking connections to partners, funders, clients or new talent, The Connector Unit may be able to help.

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Founder's Introduction

"My love in life is making valuable connections between people and ideas. I have helped to start a number of things, working with brilliant people to fulfil their potential. A few examples include Tenner (the UK’s largest enterprise competition, run by Young Enterprise), StartUp Britain (launched by the Prime Minister, run by the Centre for Entrepreneurs), WebMission and a series of other privately organised trade missions (to the US and India, run with the Long Run Venture), Volunteer It Yourself (the award-winning project, helping young people fix their own youth clubs, run with a range of partners, including Wickes) and Cospa, the award-winning social innovation agency.  I also like to deliver things, so remain involved in several of the ventures I have started.  I regularly host and MC events (which helps me to meet great people)."





“You give far more than life changing introductions. You excite people and make people think differently about things. You listen to people and really get to know them (which is rare) so that the introductions are/will be beneficial to both parties (you don’t just intro anyone to anyone!). You take time to make introductions so when that introduction from Oli Barrett comes through, you know you need to take notice. All this means, that when you do get introduced to that life changing person, it is even more valuable as you’re ready for it.  You make people realise their passions and teaching people to go for what they want, not just what’s on offer!”


“Oli is the kind of person who’ll never be replaced by an AI. His genuine desire to help (one of the rarest qualities in it’s purest form) means he’s built an unrivaled network of leaders in a diverse range of fields right across the globe. For Oli, making connections is an art-form, driving together the right people to make an impact. Having been the beneficiary of several of Oli’s introductions I can safely say that there is no one better at getting a reply. His connections and wisdom have been utterly integral in helping Young Founders to deliver the ‘life-changing education’ we do. I often joke that there’s never more than two degrees of separation between Oli and anyone in London  - to be honest though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were actually the case!”


“Oli Barrett isn’t just a well connected man, he’s a man who has an eye for a life-changing connection (for me this includes my wife, who I met through Oli). His brain is wired to spot people who could do transformational work together and he generously puts them in touch. This is a skill that blends a brand knowledge of business, industry and politics with an extensive network and an intuitive sense of strategy. Very few people could pull this off. If only we could build an AI system to combine networks, strategy and generosity – until that day we are all best off in the company of Oli Barrett.”


“There’s no doubt Oli’s contact book is brimming, but what makes him so unique is what he does with those names and numbers and how he skillfully connects people.  Every introduction Oli makes is thoughtful, purposeful and at times, life-changing.  And that is because he has that rare talent of genuinely listening to people and understanding what they really need or want from life. So when Oli makes an introduction you listen, because you never know where it may take you.”


Please do get in touch if you think there is something we should explore or if we can help in anyway.


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